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Alarm  Blanks 12g in 10s

Alarm Blanks 12g in 10s


Product Information

12g Alarm Mine Blanks Black Powder

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Size - Short

Pack Size - 10

Uses - Property Protection / Airsoft

**For Safety notes please see end**

Designed to be used in the Alarm Mine Blank Firer, these short black powder blanks will give off an extremely loud bang and a bright flash when set off.

Air Soft use

A few of our customers have started to use these in their airsoft games, they are ideal for laying ambushes and to warn of another team approaching. Please be aware though this cartridge does give off an extremely load bang and it is your responsibility to check if the use of them is allowed at the ground you are playing on.


Please note the following safety guidelines

1)This device causes a loud bang and flash when used. All necessary steps must be taken to ensure safe deployment and use.

2)Do not place in a position where the report or flash can cause injury to human or animals (always place the cartridge towards the ground)

3)Ensure the device is not placed where children can gain access.

4)Do not deploy in a fire risk area or where there may be an explosive gas/powder build up (coal sheds, near straw, sawdust etc)

5)Unless you are certain that the above requirements are satisfied, do not deploy this device.

We do not deliver this product to anyone other than the cardholder at their address as you must be over 18 to use this device.

UK Only Delivery Can Not Be Sent Abroad

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Dominic allen, 16th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Dominic Van Allen

Arrived the next day. No messing around just a simple quick transaction. Eley brand blanks always good, 3rd time ive bought them from here, 2 out of three purchases arrived next day, the other took 2 days i think, anyway always good.

5 stars title= 12 Ga Blanks, 27th Jul 2014

Reviewer: Adam ODell

A great puchase can buy 20 from elsewhere for around £16:00 but then theres as well the P&P but there i think from the picture that i did see of them there not as good quality as well they were of a red plastic as well in this same plastic on the shot outlet ends looked of a meshy squiggly pattern: anyway but these puchased from here again are nicer plus a better style as well plus these are will more then be for anyone good enough as they have been tested by my father farmer, so a great product if needed but mostly overall a very good quick delivery plus service: so Thank you very well and recommended.

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