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The Perfect Poacher or Burgler Deterrant ! Alarm Mine 12G Blank Firer

The Perfect Poacher or Burgler Deterrant ! Alarm Mine 12G Blank Firer

Part Number: 12GALARMMINE

Product Information

Trip Wire Activated 12g Alarm Mine Blank Firer

Weight - 10.4oz (295g)

Dimensions HxWxD - 5 ¾"x1 ½"x1 ½" (14.5x3.8x3.8cm)

Uses - Property Protection / Airsoft

**For Safety notes please see end**

A great way to detect unwanted visitors to your property, the trip wire activated mechanism lets off a loud bang when activated. Great for use in outbuildings, garages, barns, gateways or on paths it is simple and easy to install and use.

To use

Attach the Blank Firer to a suitable wooden post (for Airsoft use a small wooden stake is ideal and enables you to move easily) with two screws and with the hole for the cartridge facing down to the ground. Pull the firing pin upwards and insert the safety pin in the hole as far as it will go.

Tie a line (We recommend fishing line anything above 8lb breaking strain as its nearly invisible) to the firing washer, then lift the firing pin a little and slide the notched side of the washer into the groove. Once this has been done, attach the other end of the line to a suitable object (for Air Soft a small wooden post is a good idea as its easily moved)

Taking a single Alarm Blank Cartridge, place into the hole at the bottom of the mine with the percussion cap facing upwards (towards the firing pin) and then remove the safety pin. The device is now armed and will go off if the line is tripped.

If returning to the device for any reason please note that it is best practice to place the safety pin back in before moving or changing the mine.

Air Soft use

A few of our customers have started to use these in their airsoft games, they are ideal for laying ambushes and to warn of another team approaching. Please be aware though this cartridge does give off an extremely load bang and it is your responsibility to check if the use of them is allowed at the ground you are playing on.


Please note the following safety guidelines

1)This device causes a loud bang and flash when used with a 12 bore saluting blank. All necessary steps must be taken to ensure safe deployment and use.

2)Do not place in a position where the report or flash can cause injury to human or animals (always place the cartridge towards the ground)

3)Ensure the device is not placed where children can gain access.

4)Do not deploy in a fire risk area or where there may be an explosive gas/powder build up (coal sheds, near straw, sawdust etc)

5)Unless you are certain that the above requirements are satisfied, do not deploy this device.

We do not deliver this product to anyone other than the cardholder at their address as you must be over 18 to use this device.

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Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= 12 Ga Blanks, 27th Jul 2014

Reviewer: Adam ODell

A fast great delivery plus quite a good quality security alarm and mostly overall a good service so: Thank you very well recommended.

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