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Titan XS Mainspring

Titan XS Mainspring

Part Number: TITANXSNo. 11

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No.1 Fits :
BSA Airsporter, Mercury, Challenger, 635 Magnum, Supersport, Lightnings, Superstar, Goldstar, Centenary.
Air Arms Firepower, Jackal, Woodsman.
Original Model 34/35/36/38/45/(48/52/54 Std. power) HW99, FWB 124/127

No.2 Fits :
HW80, Webley Eclipse (FAC), HW90 (to replace gas ram) Pro Elite.

No.3 Fits :
HW77 (FAC), HW97, Original Mod. 35/45/50. Hammerli 401

No.4 Fits :
HW35, Webley Eclipse (Std.) Original Mod. 48/52/54(FAC) Goldstar FAC

No. 5 Fits :
BSA Meteor MK1-5, Diana Mod. 24/26/27/28/G46/70/71/78/79/80, Vostock

No.6 Fits :
BSA Meteor MK6 & Mk7, BSA Comet, Crosman Phantom, Mod 800.
Hatsans, XS38, XS19

No.7 Fits:
BSA Polaris, Webley Tracker, Osprey, Excel, Viscount, Xocet, Stingray, Falcon, Hawk MK1-3, Norica, Relum (using existing inner), Baikal, Cometa 5, Haenel Mod. 303, Gamo Sniper, Commando, Delta, Apache, CF16, Rangemaster, Statical, Magnum, Gunmark Phantom, NAC, HW30, HW55 & HW55T, Gamo 1000, Shadow, CSI, Whisper, Gamo 68

No.8 Fits :
Webley Vulcan, Omega, Longbow, Tomahawk, HW95, HW98, Gamo 3000

No.9 Fits :
Air Arms TX200 MK1 & MK2, HW57
Also Can Be Used In Airsporter, Mercury, Supersport, Superstar & Goldstar In Conjunction With Titan Tuning Parts To Give A Smoother Firing Cycle.

No. 10 Fits :
Air Arms TX200 Mk3
Pro Sport

No.11 Fits :
SMK - All Models - Reduce length to size. Stoeger X20.
NOT XS38 or XS19

No.12 Fits:
Cometa 100, 200, 300, 400, Fenix, Dragon. Comet.

No.13 Fits:
Gamo Paratrooper, CF20, CF30, CFX
HW85, Cometa FAC.

No. 14 Fits:
Diana 350 Magnum, Webley Patriot.

No.15 Fits:
HW45 Pistol, HW25, Orig Mod 20

For over 30 years Titan Mainsprings have been supplied worldwide to airgun enthusiasts, professional airgun customisers and the Gun Trade and have established themselves as the top quality mainspring against which all other mainsprings are compared. Only the finest quality Grade 1 Swedish Silicon Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel is used. We use no mass production methods. Every spring is hand wound to an exact specification, then heat treated and tempered to ensure ultimate performance and maximum durability. During final tempering, they are coated with a specially formulated hard, but flexible finish. This is a high technology coating and its self-lubricating multislip properties eliminates the need for conventional spring lubrication.

The almost friction-free operation of the Titan XS Mainspring reduces the possibilities of dieseling to a minimum and increases power by up to 40% for FAC rated air weapons. Maximum power is maintained for longer than most other springs. Titan XS Mainsprings do not lose power when left cocked for long periods.
All Titan products are fully guaranteed.

Titan XS Mainsprings are available for all makes of air weapons, please contact
John Knibbs International if you cannot see your rifle listed.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= titan xs springs, 21st Aug 2014

Reviewer: Nick Britton

I Recently fitted this spring in my BSA really smooth action and much,much more power with no loss of accuracy, if you have to replace your spring, do it with a TITAN XS

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= Titan XS Mainspring, 2nd May 2016

Reviewer: Blanchard Sèrgi

It does a great job on my HW35 !

Thanks !

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= mainsprings, 4th May 2013

Reviewer: Mick Crawford


1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= TITAN XS ALL MODELS, 22nd Apr 2014

Reviewer: Andrea Ruggieri

I had the pleasure of trying all Titan models from number 1 to number 14, and I have to say that they are extremely high quality, powerful and above all performance and very long-lived.
Sorry for my english, but I hope that I did understand it anyway.

By Andrea from Catania, Italy

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= xs titan, 1st May 2014

Reviewer: Jan Milani

The springs are very powerful,and durable.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= Gunsmiths Choice., 6th May 2014

Reviewer: Paul Dobson

Caliber & Bore Gunsmiths only specify the Titan XS range for replacement mainsprings and Tuning kits.
Our customers frequently report smoother and more consistent shooting with their 12ft/lb and FAC Titan mainspring tuned rifles.
Our Gunsmith will not compromise on the quality of replacement springs, and tuning kits.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= Titan No. 11 main spring, 6th Jun 2014

Reviewer: Robert Le Brocq

Fitted my Chinese rifle & was much more powerfull that original

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

4 stars title= A quality spring, 14th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Ian Welford

A very good quality spring. Be aware however that you may well have to cut the spring down in length. It will need the cut end heating up with a mini blowlamp (pencil torch) and dressing on a bench grinder to produce a flat end.
Using the spring full length could take you over the 12Ft/lb limit and/or give harsh recoil. In my case the spring was 3 inches longer than the original one, so I cut 2 inches off (a guess really) and only just managed to compress it to refit it.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= main spring, 4th Dec 2014

Reviewer: John Isdale

great service will deal with this company a lot

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= TITAN XS, 1st Mar 2015

Reviewer: Martyn Batt

A fantastic spring, top quality, very pleased and the service from John Knibbs Int was superb.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= 350 magnum, 3rd Jun 2015

Reviewer: Robert Rempel

I installed spring , took one coil off,this gave me 950 fps using 10.5 grain pellets. I had some buzz because spring is larger in diameter than stock spring so it is loose around the spring guide. I fixed that problem with two layers of srink tubing which gave the spring a snug fit, no more buzz, just a solid thump. Checked the heat shrink tubing after about 500 shots and it is still in perfect condition so far.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= Good but ......., 26th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Stuart Fuller

This is a great spring and has really improved my gun. Delivery service from the supplier was good however after sales is a bit lacking.

I asked them for some advice over the telephone when fitting the spring but they were loathe to answer suggesting I should have used a gunsmith to fit it, eventually asking me to send my question in an email - I had the gun in bits at the time - and to date, some 3 weeks later I've not had a reply but luckily I resolved the issue myself.

If you sell an item like this into the consumer market for DIY installation you should be prepared to provide to assistance or guidance on its fitting.

MK Replied:
As we mentioned to you on the phone, we have a policy here at Airgunspares that we do not advise on the fitting of parts do due insurance issues. It is very difficult to remotely advise how to strip guns in order to fit parts, we do not know what capability individuals have when it comes to using tools or dealing with pressurised units whether it be pre-charged or spring. Sorry, but it is a provision from our insurance provider.
We did say at the time to take the rifle to a professional gunsmith if you are in any doubt about carrying out the work to your rifle.
Glad you got it all sorted in the end though.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= Excellent product!, 15th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Hector J Medina Gomez

Now that the springs have been running for a few rounds, I can say that they are good quality. Only the long run will say whether these are "good", or they advance to the degree of "great".

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= titan sping, 17th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Willy Perrin

Ok thanks friend for shipping a titan spring for a diana 27. all the best and see you for a next deal.

5 stars title= Kent Paul, 3rd May 2015

Reviewer: Paul Cole

Takes some fitting but, worth it in the end :)

5 stars title= Titan Main Spring, 30th May 2015

Reviewer: Graham Jones

This Spring is suitable for BSA Meteor Mk 6 & early Mk 7. It is not suitable for the latest Meteor Mk 7 with the Gameo SMK Trigger. The original BSA spring appears to be the same dimension as the BSA Lightning (240mm). Shortening the titan spring to this length still produces over 14ft.lbs

5 stars title= Fantastic, 25th Jun 2015

Reviewer: John Copeman

Absolutely excellent service. Top marks.

5 stars title= No10, 11th Jul 2015

Reviewer: Christopher Wade

Great spring high quality, didn't need to cut this one just straight in and away

5 stars title= Diana 52, 5th Aug 2015

Reviewer: Giuseppe Mendini

Great spring the titanio n° 4, high quality, very powerful. The service of John Knibbs is excellent

5 stars title= Titan xs mainspring, 7th Aug 2015

Reviewer: Michael Crabtree

The perfect upgrade or replacement for any spring gun! Smoother quieter and more consistent. Very highly recommended and the favoured choice for a lot of spring powered airgun tuners!

5 stars title= Spring Titan XS Magic!, 20th Aug 2015

Reviewer: Rene Carrere

Good quality, power is OK 19,5 Joules but it generates huge vibrations. tehrefore I installed it with the Titan guides and piston sleeve and then my HW 77 became very quite, with the same power, 19,5 Joules, magic!

5 stars title= titan xs no6, 31st Dec 2015

Reviewer: Andre Boulanger

Excellent product, better then expected.
Thank you for the prompt service.

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

5 stars title= Titan XS Mainspring, 21st Jan 2016

Reviewer: Ian Stone

Titan number 6 Spring fitted as part of a major overhaul on my BSA Meteor MK6 .177, it has replaced an already fitted but failed (due to collapse of 4 coils) replacement standard mainspring from another well know BSA parts supplier.

From initial removel from the tube it's evident that the Titan is far superior in quality than the previously fitted spring.

It has transformed the rifle, in operation is is smooth and quiet, powerful and with perfect grouping considering the age of the rifle.

Put simply, don't waste your money on any other spring!

5 stars title= Fenix Cometa Main Spring, 2nd Feb 2016

Reviewer: Alex Roper

I had my gun assessed by a gunsmith whom diagnosed the spring had gone. He then quoted me £60-£70 to replace it.
This sight gave me the spring I need at a much lower price and it was easy to change. The shop is great too.

5 stars title= Titan XS No 3 Spring, 10th Mar 2016

Reviewer: Graham Bawden

This spring was fitted as part of a total overhaul of my Weihrauch HW77K Mk 1. The quality is excellent and the action feels smooth after fitting. Please be aware this spring is an FAC rated one and will take your 77 over the legal limit for the UK. My 77 is already on ticket so not a problem.

5 stars title= So far so good, 31st Mar 2016

Reviewer: Hector J Medina Gomez

Spring is behaving as expected, good power and no further setting. We will post another note when the rifle reaches the 30,000 rounds.

Connecticut Custom Airguns (USA)

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