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GAMO Gas Ram GAMO Hunter .177

GAMO Gas Ram GAMO Hunter .177

Part Number: GASRAMGH.177

Product Information

Gas Ram GAMO Hunter .177

Also Fits:
Gamo Shadow, Magnum 3000, Whisper, Whisper CFR and 440.

SMK Model 19 & Model 19/18.

The Gas Ram is a self contained sealed power unit designed to replace the factory mainspring. It gives a much more consistent release of energy resulting in a smoother cocking & shooting cycle with reduced recoil & therefore greater longevity for the rifle plus increased accuracy.

Originally designed by Theoben, these Gas Rams are manufactured to the same tolerences by the same manufacturer as they always have been. Tried & tested - If you are looking for a replacement power plant for your rifle, these Gas Rams certainly fit the bill.

Gas Rams will last for thousands of shots with no loss of power or performance.

Fitting a Gas Ram will require a moderate degree of gunsmithing competence. If you feel confident enough to replace a mainspring then there shouldn't be any issues with fitting a Gas Ram. If in any doubt ask your local gunsmith to carry out the work for you.

WARNING - Never fit a .177 Gas Ram in a .22 calibre rifle as this will increase the power beyond the UK legal limit. Always make sure your rifle is within the UK law - If in any doubt have the rifle chronographed after any modifications.

Body Width=19.2mm
Body Length=148mm
Overall Length=267mm

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Customer Reviews

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5 stars title= gas ram, 7th Jun 2016

Reviewer: Anthony Walliss

excellent service

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5 stars title= Howard, 4th Feb 2015

Reviewer: Howard Elliott

The gas ram is great, give a completely different feel to the rifle compared top the spring version, accuracy is the same as previous, but power consistency is much improved. Would not go back to using my xl lightning with a spring fitted now.

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