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Marksman .22 5.6mm Pellets

Marksman .22 5.6mm Pellets

Part Number: MARKSMAN5.6

Product Information

Marksman Round Head Air Rifle Pellets .22 (5.6mm)

Weight - 15.00gr

Head Size - 5.6mm / 0.22"

Tin Size - 500

Manufactured in Birmingham since 1932 by the famous Lincoln Jefferies company and still made today by the family descendents, Marksman pellets are a little slice of history.

Designed and manufactured especially for us, these pellets are ideal for use in older English guns with a 5.6mm bore (all current guns have a 5.5mm bore). They shoot well through the older BSA's (pre 1986) and many other older English manufactured guns. Packaged in an original style cardboard box, they won't look to modern next to your old faithful airgun.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Wasp versus Marksman, 30th Nov 2016

Reviewer: C. A. M. Van Der Hulst

measuring the dome-diam. of the Wasp 5.6 mm pellets I only get to 5.53mm
The Marksman pellet is a thrue 5.6mm.
Only remark: they look dirty and feel rough

5 stars title= BSA Airsporter Mk 2, 19th May 2016

Reviewer: Steph Hodges

Just tested the Marksman .22, 5.6mm pellets in my old gun - brilliant!
Grouping of my previous pellets (make unknown) around 10cm at 15 metres, with the Marksman 1cm!
Excellent pellets for this old gun, highly recommended.

5 stars title= Mats Ljustell, 30th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Mats Ljustell

After Eley Wasp disapeared from market Marksman seems to be an replacement in the Webley Tracker. Nice looking pellets and I hope the shooting with them will be the same.

5 stars title= BSA Meteor MK4, 19th Jan 2016

Reviewer: Terry Beeson

Just had my BSA MK4, serviced and these 5.56 pellets work fantastic, have brought new life to the old gun, very happy

5 stars title= Worth trying in your old Webley MK3, 8th Sep 2015

Reviewer: Ian Edge

Marksman pellets were always the ones you had to use if your dealer didn't have any Pylarm or Wasp pellets,these being far more consistant and accurate back in the 1950s.
Now,I have tried these in my Webley MK3 and I would say they are the best pellet for this Rifle due to its large bore.They give a decent group at 25 yards,about 3/4 inch.
The old Webley pellets in the orange tin were bigger still, being hard to fit in my Airsporter MK1. but like all good things,they came to an end.
In the BSA Standard and Airsporter models,the 5.6 Wasp pellets can't be beaten,all grouping within an inch at 30 yards which is good for me with my 70 year old eyesight.
So,if you have a MK3, I would try the 5.56 Marksman and you should get decent groups, but for MY BSAs,Wasp are deadly accurate and 2/3 rds the price.
To sum up,these Marksman 5.56s give
total nostalgia from the packet and are well made pellet

5 stars title= Kent Paul, 3rd May 2015

Reviewer: Paul Cole

What more can I say. Brings back happy memories and a very good pellet.

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