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Mark Knibbs – Director

I started shooting airguns at the age of 4 with a Webley Junior air rifle and a shotgun at the age of 7 with a Belgian single barrel 410 hammer gun (all under supervision of course). I remember going shooting with my father and only being allowed to carry the empty 410 whilst walking in his footsteps – mimicking his every move as he took a shot and if I proved to be safe and responsible I was rewarded with the chance of a shot at a clod of earth or a suitably placed target. This practice was repeated over the course of 12 months before I was allowed to try for any live quarry! I can still remember taking my first rabbit, pigeon and pheasant – happy days.

I left school at 15 and moved to Hampshire to train as a Gamekeeper on the YTS training scheme. My next move was back home to work within John Knibbs International for a year mainly repairing and renovating airweapons which I had already been doing since about the age of 10. I then joined Dan Arms Cartridge Co. based in Telford. When, unfortunately Dan Arms went into receivership, I left with the three directors and helped to set up Hawk Best Cartridges in Uttoxeter which was a great experience being involved with both manufacture and sales. As the Company became successful and it was already under the Eley umbrella of companies the decision was made to join forces and so Eley Hawk was formed. At this point I left employment and made the leap into self employment starting my own company – Mark Knibbs Sporting Promotions specialising in corporate entertainment as a professional clay pigeon and airgun shooting instructor.

I joined John Knibbs International again in the late 90’s and have been involved in steadily growing the business to the point where, in 2006 the business moved to it’s current location.

My interests include all forms of shooting but I am passionate about Deerstalking and also enjoy ‘foaming up’ the water as result of my fly fishing exploits! I also enjoy archery, gardening, cooking, visiting the local pub (The Griffin famed for it’s real ales and featured in Oz Clarke and James May’s television programme and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area !) spending time with my family and trying to get this bl**dy website finished. I currently use a Browning 410 for all my clay and game shooting and have won the 410 World Championships twice but not had time to defend the title due to work commitments. Mark represents Warwickshire in Trap disciplines and made the England DTL Clay Shooting Team in 2017.

My main stalking rifle is a Sako in .308 but also use 6.5x55, .25-06, .220 swift and 9.3x62 for pigs. I use DM80 moderators as I haven’t found anything to come close to the quality and noise reduction they offer. I use a Hoyt Vetrix compound bow which will accompany me on a trip to Montana shortly (but don’t tell Tessa!)


Company Secretary and Director

Previously working for Deloitte & Touche and studying AAT, meant that when I joined the family business in 2006 the first role that I was given within the Company was to computerise the accounts system and run the Accounts Department. Now I can be found working in the Shop, in the Mail Order Department and generally organising anything and anyone requiring organisation.

When I am not working, I enjoy going to Zumba Classes and I love spending quality time with ‘my boys’ (husband Mark and Son, Jonathan). I enjoy Clay Pigeon Shooting. I shoot with a 20g Belgium Browning C Grade, but must confess to being a fair weather shooter!

Dean Randle



Interests Include: air rifle hunting, clay shooting, game shooting, carp fishing,

wakeboarding, snowboarding, squash, dogs, gardening, DIY, astronomy,

photography and just generally tinkering around with stuff!

I enjoy being outdoors and keeping busy.

Paul Shaw
Paul has a wealth of knowledge with particular interests in Rifles, Scopes & Shotguns. Paul has already put his mark on the shop bringing in new products  and offering on site gunfitting.
Paul's interests include  all shooting sports, dogs, smashing cars up for fun (Banger Racing) pub quizzes & he can be regularly seen at Game Fairs helping out as a BASC volunteer. 
Jonathan Knibbs
The next generation of the Knibbs Dynasty can regularly be seen helping in the shop, chatting with customers or providing tea & coffee for all who require it.
A keen shooter and fly fisherman he enjoys shooting his Airsoft, Airgun & Shotgun at every opportunity and accompanies his dad whenever he is able.
Don't be fooled by his age - Jonathan has a huge amount of knowledge and it's growing daily. He has represented Warwickshire in all but one of the Trap disciplines in 2017.